Dear gardening Friend,


If you just want to refresh your backyard or get a completely new design for it, please ask for our advice! We will think with you when planning, consider all suitable opportunities and calculate the total cost.


Koduhoovid OÜ was established in 2015, to combine experience of partners who have been working in this field for many years already. Using this baggage of experience, we will do our best for the benefit of your yard. We work closely with soil machinery rentals, arborists, soil dealers, transport providers, stone works specialists, patio builders, plant nurseries and other experienced yard designers.


We are particularly committed to such works as landscape planning, setting up lawn areas, excavation works, soil levelling, digging of planting areas, sod lawn installation, subsoil shaping, and with the help of our partners we also perform a number of other works related to yard design. In addition, we provide practical advice on the compatibility of groundwork machines with materials used in landscaping.


We happily and devotedly help to design your courtyard!


Best regards,
Koduhoovid OÜ